Welcome to the Lab.

Who We Are

The Debiasing and Lay Informatics (DaLI) Lab is a network of international researchers who explore social phenomena to create descriptive and prescriptive knowledge about publics and their behaviors for social betterment.
We believe that publics are the social forces whose behaviors could shape organizational actions and guide government policies.
We identify and study the robust, recurrent social phenomena related to publics and their developmental trajectories in order to track the causes and consequences of their behaviors.
We collaborate on research featuring publics and their behaviors across areas such as crisis communication, employee communication, health communication, government communication, public diplomacy, and more.

Behind the Name

The DaLI Lab seeks to understand why publics have become more polarized in their values and pessimistic in their worldviews, especially in the context of an increasingly digital age. We are particularly interested in elaborated ignorance and detailed biases among lay citizens and digitally connected publics.
"Lay informatics" can be defined as how and why lay publics use information in certain ways. These methods of operation may lead to or indicate high levels of close-mindedness or bias, which contradicts the expectation of open-mindedness that would result from publics' increased access to information. In other words, lay informatics help to explain some of the emerging and chronic public biases that threaten civil society.
Based on this framework, we study these public biases, their causes, and their consequences — as well as means of harnessing said biases' social influence. Our research strives to facilitate constructive public behaviors and to limit the ramifications of problematic public actions by dismantling negative bias.

Applied Research

The DaLI Lab investigates organizational and governmental strategies based on the strategic behavioral paradigm of managing organizational behavior in relation to public behavior. We look for effective and ethical institutional communication and leadership strategies to inform methods by which our research could increase cooperative and constructive public behaviors.
DaLI researchers are qualified experts from an array of social and behavioral fields, including communication, mass media communication, psychology, management, philosophy, and sociology. Our interdisciplinary, international collaboration produces research that moves us closer to a more curious, informed, and unbiased global society.
The Debiasing and Lay Informatics (DaLI) lab is based at the Center for Applied Social Research of the University of Oklahoma.